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Have you thought about purchasing a house or an office in Philadelphia? If so, you may have pondered over the processes involved in the matter. Since it is difficult for most people to carry through the process on their own, they hire a real estate lawyer. Other people find it costly to hire one, so they purchase a structure without involving them. According to Investopedia, you could opt to close the deal with only a real estate agent. Despite being costly, it is advisable to hire a real estate lawyer. Real estate lawyers conduct extensive research. So, by the time you acquire the house, you will be sure that there are no disputes. Let’s face it; research is complex for most people since they wouldn’t even know where to start. Some of the roles of a real estate lawyer include: negotiating contracts on your behalf, drafting legal documents for real estate transactions, interpreting real estate laws, and so on. Now that you know what real estate lawyers do and the importance of hiring one, it is time we mentioned some of the real estate lawyers you could hire in Philadelphia. Here are the ten lawyers in the city you can choose from.

10. Martin P. Mullaney, Mullaney & Mullaney

Martin primarily focuses on criminal defense matters. He has dedicated at least 22 years of his professional career representing the people of Pennsylvania. Besides tackling criminal defense, he has a background in family law. Under family law, he particularly helps people who seek to end their marriages. There are issues such as division of assets and debts, child custody, and child support during divorces. He can help such clients settle such issues. On real estate matters, he helps clients with estate planning. Typically, when you talk of estate planning, most people think of it as “death planning.” Unfortunately, they forget that disability planning is an important aspect of estate planning to consider. You may develop a disability, e.g., from accidents, and you may be unable to manage your house. According to Wealth Spire, 1 in 4 Americans are likely to become disabled later in their career. You now see why disability planning shouldn’t be overlooked with such high odds. Under disability planning, he can help you get control of your house by offering legal support for charitable trusts and life insurance trusts.

9. Scott M. Rothman, Curley & Rothman, LLC

Scott has specialized in real estate law and business law. He works as an adviser and litigator. As a litigator, he helps clients solve legal dilemmas by helping them ask the right questions. Therefore, he helps people and companies understand how the law provides answers and what to do when the law is not quite clear. He understood real estate better while representing title insurance companies in court. Another reason he understood real estate law better was when he previously worked in the construction industry as an assistant construction manager for Habitat for Humanity. In terms of real estate, his scope in the department is wide.

8. Jessica M. Gulash, Lundy, Beldecos & Milby, P.C.

She represents various entities and individuals in business and commercial litigation matters such as real estate matters, injunctions, contract disputes, business divorces, and restrictive covenant issues. Additionally, she represents secured and unsecured creditors in collecting accounts receivable. For instance, she has successfully represented creditors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey on bankruptcy matters. One common issue that renters face is falling victim to signing predatory lease agreements. According to Investopedia, 5.2 million American renters are victims, and so you could sign a fraudulent lease if you are not careful. Fortunately, her law firm focuses on lease matters. First, the law firm asks the client about their goals, and based on the client’s response; they can negotiate for better terms of your lease. Another way her law firm reduces liabilities is by reviewing and recommending financing alternatives and selecting appropriate ownership and investment entities. Besides helping clients sign up for better leases, she helps landlords draft leases.

7. John T. Dooley, Law Offices of Dischell Bartle Dooley

John represents clients throughout southeastern Pennsylvania in matters regarding elder law, tax and business law, and real estate law. With more than 40 years of legal experience, he has achieved a lot. For instance, he has represented clients on matters of education law, estate planning, wills, trusts, and municipal law. Additionally, he has provided counsel on contract litigation and negotiations, operational issues, and regulatory compliance matters to businesses and municipalities. You probably want to build a house soon. A mistake most aspiring homeowners make is accidentally building on government property. That is because some people do not take the time to understand their municipality’s zoning ordinance. Usually, your municipality will determine where or where not to build by creating different classes of zoning districts. They normally have a zoning map that you can look at. This law firm understands how challenging zoning is, so they assist you in zoning areas where you can build a house.

6. Steven L. Sugarman, Steven L. Sugarman & Associates

He serves clients within Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster. With at least 35 years of experience, he has handled cases in real estate law, collection law, condominium and homeowners’ association law, and commercial litigation. Besides representing clients, he has made landmark legal decisions on community associations and drafted and enacted amendments to Pennsylvania’s statutes which govern common interest communities. His remarkable achievement was when he became an expert witness on condominium and homeowners association matters in Pennsylvania courts. He frequently speaks on such matters, and he even teaches the course “Condominium and Homeowners Association Law” at Villanova Law School. Few homeowners know that they should join a homeowners association (HOA). In an HOA, the homeowner asks renters to pay certain fees for garbage collection, pest control, security, etc. So, Steve’s firm will help such a homeowner form an HOA and give them tips to manage it.

5. Joshua S. Ganz, Duffy North

Joshua dedicates most of his time advising employers and employees on various legal issues on civil litigation, real estate law, trademark and copyright law, and education law. He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Although he dedicates most of his time to advising, he is not afraid to use litigation when necessary. On real estate matters, he focuses on estate planning and administration. It is not uncommon for people to wait till they are old to begin estate planning. However, he advises his clients that they can begin the process even when they are young. After all, some people die young. His firm, therefore, assists you with all that is involved in estate planning and administration, such as acquiring guardianships, wills, trusts of different types, Medicaid plans, etc.

4. Janet M. Dery, Starfield & Smith, P.C.

She has a background in corporate law. Due to her background, she has been able to assist small businesses and lenders. Some of the business areas she assists clients on include real estate sales, contracts, government guaranteed lending, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial lending. To further cement how good she is in corporate law matters, she has been repeatedly voted as a “Rising Star” and published in Philadelphia Magazine. One of the services she offers is title services. There are two parties you can choose when purchasing a house or office; the title company and the real estate lawyer. The title company verifies that the title to the property is legitimately transferred to the buyer. Therefore, they ensure that the seller is legally allowed to sell the property. However, the drawback of title companies is that they do not offer legal services. That means you could be defrauded, and you would be unable to take any action. Fortunately, Janet’s firm does not just enable you to get the right documentation for your property, but her team helps you draft a binding contract between you and the seller.

3. Michael Kuldiner, Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C.

He attended Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania and later joined New England School of Law in Boston. He completed his degree in only two and a half years, making him one of the youngest lawyers to be ever admitted to the Bar in Pennsylvania. Although he is conversant with real estate, he represents clients in family law matters such as divorce, custody, and support. He is good in family law because he completed his certification in divorce. Michael understands how eager most people are to buy or sell a house. In their eagerness, they forget certain legal procedures and rights that they should know. Others are aware of the legal steps involved but ignore them anyway. Since real estate law tends to be so wide that it discourages sellers from buying a house, his law firm covers all aspects of real estate law. For instance, this firm will help you out with issues like property tax appeals, zoning rights, real estate refinances, easement disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, foreclosure defense, and the list goes on.

2. Brian L. Nagle, MacElree Harvey, Ltd.

Brian devotes most of his focus to land use, real estate, zoning, and general litigation. He previously represented various municipalities as a solicitor. As a result, he has extensive knowledge and experience managing matters at the municipal and state government levels. Currently, he is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Although his firm helps you overcome a certain legal challenge, it also helps you understand the laws regarding owning property. Most people think zoning is all about being told where or not to settle. However, it is more than just that. For instance, you cannot settle in areas with steep slopes since you would easily be swept away in case mudslides occur. Besides getting zoning advice, the firm represents landowners and tenants in variances, expansions of nonconforming uses, and applications for special exceptions.

1. Andrew J. Bellwoar, Bellwoar Kelly, LLP

Andrew is a partner who specializes in matters in real estate, land development, business contracts, trusts and estate administration, municipal law, zoning, etc. He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Before becoming a partner in this firm, he mainly represented public officials and police officers. Unlike most attorneys who spend more time in their law firms, he lectures and frequently speaks at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute seminars. He is known to many as a good communicator and a man who fiercely fights and defends his clients’ rights. His attributes have therefore contributed to his success. For instance, he has a “Superb” rating on Avvo. One common challenge that homeowners face regarding purchasing a house is the contracts. First, you get overburdened with contracts that contain hundreds of provisions. As a result, you may not know them all. Through his firm, you will be able to focus on the necessary provisions. Also, you may sign a contract and later realize you do not agree to the terms. Luckily, Andrew and his team can help review the terms of such a contract.


Isn’t buying a house or an office complicated without a real estate lawyer? For instance, Philadelphia has certain laws regarding purchasing such property. So, if you are from another state, you may unknowingly think that its laws apply to this city. Most people do not have time to understand a state’s laws or contractual terms when buying a home. Fortunately, these ten real estate lawyers can help spell out the laws to you. Additionally, they ensure that you acquire a house through the legal way. It is, after all, embarrassing when you discover that the house you bought has legal cases. As a result, you would be sued and lose your hard-earned money. These lawyers will ensure that the house you buy is free from such issues.

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