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When you are in the market for real estate property, you have to be careful about the steps that you plan to make when you are in the market. Most commercial real estate transactions can be huge and in most cases, they require more than just your regular real estate agent. Real estate lawyers become valuable in such instances since they know how to negotiate and interpret complex clauses, hence making the process smooth and easy for you. This is because they are well trained in handling real estate transactions and taking charge of real estate disputes. In this article, we take a look at ten of the best real estate lawyers in Chicago who you should consult before embarking on your real estate transaction process. Check our list of the top ten real estate lawyers in Chicago.

10. Peter L. Marx

Peter L Marx is the founder of Peter L Mark, a law firm which specializes in helping customers with their real estate transactions. Peter founded his real estate law firm in 2000 after six years and over the years, he has put a lot of focus on residential real estate. He has over 20 years experience which has seen him go against big names at the Illinois Supreme Court and numerous real estate brokerage companies including Coldwell Banker, Koenig and Strey, Century 21 and others. Regardless of the complexity of the real estate transaction, Peter L Marx is always ready to give you a full service experience.

9. Michael H. Wasserman

MIchael H Wasserman is the founder and Managing Attorney for Michael H. Wasserman, PC. For more than three decades now, Michael H Wasserman has helped buyers and sellers with advice relating to houses, apartment buildings, parking spaces and condominiums. Michael holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Loyola University Chicago School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Hitsory and Economics from Emory University. Whether you are working with a realtor or for sale by owner, you can always count on Michael H Wasserman. to help you close your real estate contracts. The real estate firm prides itself in how it assists customers make an informed decision by giving them the highest form of legal advise.

8. Adam Gurney

Adam Gurney is a managing partner at Gurney Law group and one of the most sought after real estate attorneys in Chicago. Adam provides excellent legal representation and has successfully represented the rights of buyers and sellers in a wide range of real estate transactions. He practices at Gurney Law Group which believes that every real estate transaction matters. Adam Gurney has a wealth of experience in all phases of real estate transactions, having represented buyers, sellers and leasers.

7. Jacob A. Shapiro & Justin C. Strane

If you need clear, concise advice to help you accomplish your goals in commercial and residential real estate matters, you should consider contacting Jacob A. Shapiro and Justin C. Strane. The dynamic duo are managing partners at Shapiro Strane law firm. Each of the lawyers is quite successful in their own rights. Between, 2017 and 2021, Justin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer, appearing in Illinois Rising Star list.

6. Brian Lohse

Brian Lohse’s strength lies in his excellent negotiating skills and impressive explanation of complex legal issues in a way that you can understand. Brian Lohse ensures that he takes you through the whole property transaction right from the first day until you get the keys to your property. Brian personally works with each and every client and although he may not manage to close as many deals like other law offices, you can be sure to get the best services at Lohse Law.

5. J. Andrew Brabender

J Andrew Brabender founded Brabender Law to help people with tenant rights, personal injury and litigation issues. He is an alumni of Chicago-Kent College of Law and at the moment, he is one of the finest real estate lawyers in Chicago. At his law firm, all legal real estate deals are never stressful and he and his staff at the firm are always on call to ensure that you understand everything so that you can weigh your options and make an informed decision. J Andrew Brabender founded his law firm in 2012 and over the course of time, it has served over 500 clients and and closed deals worth millions of dollars.

4. Jeremy Bell

Jeremy Bell has practiced law for the last 17 years and over that time, he founded Bell & Shah. Jeremy is quite professional and detailed oriented, which is what you want in a lawyer dealing with such sensitive matters such as closing a real estate deal for your next family home. If company reviews on their website are anything to go by, his firm Bell & Shah is one of the best real estate lawyers in Chicago.

3. Wendy M. Reutebuch

Coming in third on our ranking of the best real estate lawyers in Chicago is a lady who is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association. Wendy has not only been recognised as a Rising Star by Illinois Super Lawyers, but she has also talked about a variety of real estate topics including, “The Greening of America’s Real Estate.” She is an alumni of DePaul University College of Law and she is one of the most sought after real estate lawyers in Chicago.

2. Mark A. Wolff

If you are lucky to have ever worked with Mark A Wolff, you would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to close a real estate deal successfully. He is the founder and Principle Attorney at Wolff Legal which specializes in shielding client’s interests in the real estate space. One of the things that stand out in Mark is his work ethic and his determination to succeed.

1. Anthony Marshiano

Topping our list of the top ten Real Estate Lawyers in Chicago is Anthony Marshiano, head of Marshiano Law Group, LLC. With more than 25 years in real estate law, Anthony has overseen more than $1 billion worth of real estate transactions. On top of that, he has developed more than $50 million dollar worth residential property over the course of his distinguished career. In 2021, his firm was awarded the Best Chicago Real Estate Law Firm, a testament to their excellence in real estate law.

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