The 10 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Austin, TX

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Home purchasing is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. Real estate lawyers specialize in property-related issues, from transactions to settling disputes. They will review all the paperwork in advance and advise you on any documentation omissions or problems. Given that real estate law involves the convergence of many legal areas, including Property, Contract, tort, and tax, you require a legal team proficient in all the regions making up the real estate law. Are you looking to purchase a residential or commercial property in Austin, TX? Many real estate lawyers in Austin can help you with your real estate legal needs, but it can be challenging to find the right one. To save you the hassle, we have researched and compiled a list of the 10 best real estate lawyers in Austin, Tx.

10. Stephen A. Mitchell (Stephen A. Mitchell Attorney at Law)

For over thirty years, Stephen A. Mitchell has been a critical player in Austin, Texas’s real estate law scene practicing commercial real estate law. Therefore, if you are searching for a lawyer who understands real estate law even better, this is the right place. Mr. Mitchell has the experience and knowledge to help you through even the complicated real estate deals and know the real estate laws on the books. It won’t matter if you are buying, selling, or leasing property, as he has done it all in his career. One of the vital investments you can make as a business owner is purchasing commercial property. He will work diligently for you, explain your options, provide proper perspective and protect your interests. His experience will give you control throughout your property investment. Give Mr. Mitchell and his team a chance to help you. With their lead, you can make more informed decisions and be confident going forward with youth real estate transactions. Call him today at 512- 643- 7081.

9. William T. Peckham (The Law Offices of William T. Peckham)

Finding a highly reputable and experienced real estate lawyer can be challenging. Fortunately, your search has now come to an end. According to Real Estate Bees, William T. Peckham is one of the best real estate lawyers in Austin, Texas and has been a household name in the city for several decades. Whether you are a seller or a buyer in commercial or residential real estate, Mr. Peckham is skilled in the most delicate details of real estate law. He will work with you to ensure you have the best deal. With over twenty years of experience and a track record of success, he has represented clients in courts and negotiations. He will help you with anything from selling or buying a home or business to drafting a will, refinancing your existing mortgage, or creating a power of attorney. Call him today (512-487-7604) for the best expertise that most real estate lawyers can’t give.

8. Douglas A. Booth (Douglas A. Booth Sneed Vine and Perry PC)

In today’s highly complex and regulated society, it’s vital to have experienced legal staff on hand to offer legal advice and representation, particularly when dealing with real estate issues. Douglas A. Booth has been practicing residential and commercial real estate law in Austin with more than twenty-four years of experience. He is board-certified in commercial and residential real estate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Over the past years, Douglas A. Booth has developed to be one of Austin’s most prominent real estate lawyers representing sellers, buyers, landlords, and lenders. If you are engaging in a real estate transaction involving construction leasing, acquisition, development, and sale, the highly-skilled lawyer will help you with each step. According to Youthful Home, some of the areas of practice for the law firm include; commercial and residential real estate acquisition, construction, development, and lending. Together with the team of lawyers, they work very hard for their clients and will go beyond and above to accomplish your needs. Mr. Booth will help you negotiate the real estate deal, oversee the contractual duties, implement your rights and meet your expectations efficiently and quickly with minimal risk. Call +1 (512) 476-6955 for any consultation.

7. William B. Gammon (Gammon Law Office, PLLC)

William B. Gammon is one of Austin’s best real estate lawyers and the managing attorney of Gammon Law Office, PLLC. According to the Gammon website, Gammon has been practicing reliable legal services for more than 35 years providing comprehensive, cost-efficient, and proactive legal services for families, businesses, and individuals. The experienced attorney handles all types of real estate litigation and strives to provide any possible solution to your particular situation. Gammon and his team at the law firm will help you with any real estate-related issues. Whether you require help in negotiating a buy or rooted in a tenant-landlord dispute, they can offer you solutions directed to your needs. The law firm also handles cases linked to bank fraud under the Truth in Lending Act. William B. Gammon is a legal member of the Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association. At Gammon Law Office, PLLC, they believe the procedure for selling or buying property should be stress-free and easy. The transaction will be much more fun and smoother by seeking the services of William B. Gammon. Contact 512-444-4529 for more consultations.

6. James Blake (The Blake Law Firm PLLC)

James Blake at the Blake Law Firm works with real estate investors and business and property owners with commercial leases. Blake has helped simplify real estate transactions by using innovative technologies and strengthening existing connections with institutional lenders, real estate brokers, title insurance, private lenders, and other real estate industry participants. As one of the best real estate lawyers in Austin, he is dedicated to protecting your rights in commercial and contract leases. Blake is experienced in providing many services, including real estate litigation, superseding construction contracts, and trust fund matters. He will help draft your documents and help you understand the documents you are told to sign. If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Texas, you require an experienced lawyer to optimize your tax results, plan your real estate trust funds and asset protection, maximize the investment returns and negotiate the contract agreement to protect your interests. James Blake is experienced and will work with you to draft and negotiate a real estate contract agreement. Schedule an appointment by calling him at (512) 651-3930 or visiting the official website.

5. David M. Gottfried (The Gottfried Firm)

David M. Gottfried is one of the top real estate litigation trial lawyers in Austin, Texas. The lawyer has been trying cases in Austin for over thirty years since graduating from the Emory University Law School, Atlanta, in 1989. Gottfried offers excellent services with his unique skill set, which includes the ability to draw from his experience, negotiating skills, persuasive manner, measured pressure application on his opponents, and successful strategy. David and his associates are praised by their clients for their excellent work ethic and laser concentration. David has the skill sets, experience, and firepower needed to strategically approach your real estate transaction or dispute with maximum efficiency and laser focus. The lawyer involves customers as his legal strategy associates, so he has an all-purpose understanding of the goals and the path to achieving them. Contact him today (Phone Number: 512.494.148) for more information.

4. Michelle Somers Williams (Michelle Williams Attorney at Law)

Michelle Williams Attorney at Law is a legal firm based in Austin that takes care of the real estate legal issues of the metro. For an experienced real estate lawyer well conversant in all the real estate law aspects, you can’t do better than Michelle Williams, the director at this law firm. Williams has been practicing law since 1995 and is a licensed real estate broker and escrow officer in Texas. For more than eighteen years, Michelle has been dedicated to serving her clients in Austin and the surrounding communities. So, if you are a seller or buyer buying a home or selling commercial property, you will require a lawyer with the expertise of Michelle to get aspects through the process. She has experience in representing various clients, including developers, homeowners, and contractors, helping in transactions such as foreclosures, titling, property transfers, and contract agreements. Her real estate services include mortgages and financing, real estate litigation, selling and buying homes, and more. Whatever you need concerning real estate, don’t hesitate to call Michelle. She is one of the best in this legal area and will prove it to you. For more information, call this phone number: 512-328-3911.


As a managing estate partner at Hay Legal Group PLLC, John A. Hay III completed his Juris Doctor at the University of Texas School of Law and concentrated on handling residential and commercial real estate. He is highly experienced in representing clients in residential and commercial transactions, real estate brokerages, and real estate agents and developing residential and commercial loan documents. He uses the knowledge and skills he has acquired for years to help their clients navigate any project successfully. John currently represents a $31MM multifamily development and a buyer of $30M plus office building in Austin and has even closed more than 2000 residential and commercial escrow transactions. Together with the entire team of experienced lawyers at the Hay Legal Group PLLC, based in Austin, they are dedicated to satisfying the requirements of all aspects of both commercial and residential real estate closings. Call the lawyer on 512-467-6161.

2. Daniel Jackson (Daniel Jackson Attorney at Law)

With more than thirty years of experience serving Bayton and the areas around, Daniel Jackson is a reputable name that you can trust. He offers a wide range of real estate services, including purchasing and selling properties in Austin, Texas, negotiating with banks to get client loans, and drafting the needed legal documents. Daniel Jackson is your best choice if you need an experienced real estate litigation lawyer in Austin. His goal is to provide real estate legal advice to help you make informed decisions and be with you in each step to support and offer guidance as you make important real estate transactions. In addition to real estate, his other specialties include; family law, divorce, probate, criminal law, estates, and wills. This gives him legal knowledge of common factors affecting real estate law disputes—Call 281-918-0064 for more information.

1. Molly J. Mitchell (Almanza Blackburn Dickie & Mitchell LLP)

Almanza Blackburn Dickie & Mitchell LLP is one of Austin’s leading law firms in issues related to co-ownership of commercial and residential properties handling real estate cases of clients in Austin and surrounding areas. Molly J. Mitchell, one of the partners in the law firm, has more than thirty years of experience in the legal field, bringing the much-needed experience. He is one of the most experienced real estate lawyers in Austin. He has high experience and understanding of co-buying, making him a perfect choice for your real estate lawyer in Austin. Molly J. Mitchell has been providing legal solutions to various real estate disputes such as breach of contract, commercial and sales leases, residential foreclosures on behalf of the lenders, fraud and negligence, short-term rental conflicts, and the failure to disclose defects. Mr. Mitchell can help you close a purchase, refinance, or sale of residential and commercial properties, including pre-construction and condominiums. He also helps clients that need legal guidance for banking transactions, licensing, acquisition and merger cases, and entity formation. Call (512) 474-9486 to consult more.

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