The 20 Best Divorce Lawyers in San Diego


Divorce is a complicated procedure. For instance, you have to consider certain steps like child custody, division of assets, and the necessary documents needed for divorce. All these steps are a lot for the average person to remember. Fortunately, you will not have to struggle to complete the divorce process independently with a divorce lawyer. If you happen to be a resident in San Diego and require a divorce lawyer, then you are in luck. There are many divorce lawyers to choose from. Here are twenty of the best divorce lawyers in San Diego, you can reach out to.

20. Sachdev Legal Group

The company understands how heated the divorce process can be. In most instances, the divorcing couple is likely to attack each other verbally and physically. Through these attacks, the divorce process stalls. Also, there is a chance they will face further legal action due to the attacks. Therefore, to settle the divorce amicably, the divorce lawyers treat their clients with compassion to diffuse any attack.

19. Scott Family Law

The firm assists divorcing couples with issues such as spousal support, child custody, and property division. Also, it handles unique cases where a child is injured or a parent is falsely accused of abuse. This firm is one of the few ones that handle divorce cases for professional athletes and military personnel.

18. Butler Law, PC

Contested divorces drag the process. Thankfully, the firm addresses why one party may object to the divorce. While they sort out the contested divorce, they also consider the child’s welfare in support, visitation, and child custody. Besides sorting out the divorce, the legal team counsel clients on domestic violence and paternity issues.

17. San Diego Esquire

The firm specializes in property issues in the case of alimonies and postnuptial agreements. Besides handling property issues, the firm is especially helpful in uncontested divorce procedures. They help the divorcing couples file a petition, obtain a default judgment, and agree on marital settlement issues during the divorce process.

16. Griffith Young & Lass Family and Divorce Law Firm

This firm will assist you with the process of high-asset divorces. Other property-related issues that they handle include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Besides settling property issues, they also handle unique things affecting your marriage. Some of the unique things affecting your marriage can be domestic violence or immigration issues.

15. Prager Jones

Their specialty is family law matters. Most firms focus primarily on the divorce process. Although the firm assists you with the divorce process, they also try to determine whether divorce is necessary. For instance, the legal team may solve marital issues through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. The firm thus attempts to solve marital problems through a holistic approach.

14. The Law Office of Michelle Paul

Are you unsure whether your divorce needs can be met? You could be seeking multi-state property divorce, late-life divorce, or military divorce. Whatever nature your divorce is, their legal team can assist you with the process. Also, the firm can help you with issues such as child support, property division, and child custody. You will be happy to know that Michelle Paul has been a divorce attorney since 1985. With that many years of experience, you can be sure your marital issue will be sorted.

13. Sibus Law Group, APC

Divorce cases tend to drag, especially in court. Typically, it happens when one of the spouses refuses to cooperate with the divorce procedure. The court is then forced to postpone the case until all the spouses agree to the procedure. The law firm attempts to find out the root issue of the refusal to cooperate to address such an issue. For instance, the firm can assist the client in modifying certain terms of the divorce, such as spousal support or child custody. Usually, the client will be unhappy with the divorce terms hence refuse to cooperate.

12. Wilkinson & Finkbeiner

Couples can face conflicts during their marriage or after the divorce. Sadly, the conflict may last longer than expected. Whichever the nature of the conflict, the firm will assist you in sorting it out. Some of the marital issues they will handle include domestic violence, annulment, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. As for the divorce case, they assist the clients in dealing with issues like needing a restraining order from their former spouse, property division, and child support.

11. Contreras Law Firm

The United States is predominantly an English-speaking country. So what happens if Spanish is your mother tongue? Luckily, this law firm can assist you with the divorce procedure in English or Spanish. The attorneys try to help their clients before their marital issue becomes a court case. As earlier noted, the court drags cases. Therefore, divorce lawyers attempt to reconcile the couple through mediation or negotiation. For example, couples can fail to agree on child custody or division of assets. The divorce lawyers will try to convince the couples to come to an agreement. Lastly, the firm also assists with post-divorce modifications. Some couples think divorce is final. Sometimes, they realize certain clauses should have been amended during the divorce. Fortunately, you can always amend the divorce terms as long as your former spouse agrees to it.

10. Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP

This firm assists San Diego residents and those who live in Carlsbad. Whatever issue may drag a divorce, the firm is ready for the challenge. Common problems they will address include child visitation and custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. Divorces can be hard to settle in the case of domestic violence. This is because the perpetrator of the violence may be unwilling to let go of their partner. In such an instance, the legal team will convince such a person to agree to the divorce terms.

9. Cage and Miles

If you are looking for a firm that handles many divorces, consider this firm. The divorce cases it handles include contested divorce, uncontested divorce, high net-worth divorce, and military divorce. However, this firm stands out from the rest because of the unbiased way they handle child custody issues. Most firms believe that the mother should automatically take custody of their child. However, they fail to understand that sometimes a mother may be unfit to take custody of their child. The law firm understands a father’s rights are enshrined in law. They, therefore, understand that there are instances that the father may deserve custody of their child.

8. Alana Braunstein, Esq.

Some firms strictly focus on helping couples get a divorce. However, more often than not, the couples do not understand anything about the divorce. The legal team will thus explain the process and the significance of each step of the divorce. Besides describing how the divorce works, the attorneys will also explain to the parties certain rights they are entitled to, for example, in a child custody case. Also, they help to protect a person’s property, especially in pre-marital and post-marital agreements. It is no secret that some people flourish after a divorce. That would usually happen if there were no prenuptial agreements. The properties are normally divided on a 50-50 basis with no agreement. Some couples may want the property split 50-50, despite signing a prenuptial agreement. The divorce lawyer would then remind such a person of their signed agreement.

7. 619 Divorce San Diego

Let us assume that you have finalized your divorce. Then through the divorce agreement, you have a child visitation arrangement. The child may sometimes live with you or your ex-partner. What then happens if you want to leave San Diego? Situations may compel you to leave the area, such as having a new job. But, of course, you would not leave your child behind. Before you decide to move with your child, the law firm will assist you on how to go about it. Besides relocation, the firm also handles difficult situations such as property division, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, high net-worth divorce, and child support.

6. Boyd Law APC

Divorce will not always affect the two individuals simultaneously. Sometimes an individual may still need further legal help. In that case, the firm will help you with your legal troubles without necessarily involving your ex-partner. They may involve the ex-partner only when they deem it necessary. Some of the problems an individual may need further clarification on are alimony, property division, and child support. You may not always need to visit a law firm because of a divorce. Apart from divorce, Body Law APC counsels its clients on business law and bankruptcy matters.

5. Moore, Schulman & Moore, APC

During a divorce procedure, many professionals get involved. Some professionals who assist you during the process include therapists and accountants. The firm understands that a divorce lawyer cannot offer all services. As a result, they have to work as a team by consulting the professionals where necessary. You are thus guaranteed a swift divorce process. Although the firm may focus on divorce, they also assist cohabiting couples with disputes. For example, a cohabiting couple may want to split, and the issue of child custody or property distribution is bound to come up. However, since they are unmarried, they may not think too keenly of such matters. This law firm will prevent such an occurrence by having the couple sign some agreements.

4. The Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne

The law firm helps you with everything involved in a divorce procedure. After helping a couple agree to terms like child custody and support, they assist you in filing the necessary paperwork. Without the paperwork, the court will not process the divorce. Thankfully, you do not need to think too hard about what kind of paperwork you need. Domestic violence is an issue that can ruin a marriage. Before advising you to divorce, the law firm will first investigate the domestic violence claims. You would be shocked to discover that people can make false domestic violence claims against their partner. If the domestic violence is valid, they then assist with the divorce and restraining order, if necessary.

3. Goldberg Jones

We already know how sometimes men get shortchanged by divorces. For example, they can be denied child custody, denied a chance to visit their child, or have their ex-wife get the lion’s share of their property. With knowledge of fathers’ rights, the law firm will see to it that you get what you deserve from the divorce. It is, however, a different case if you are an abusive father. In that case, do not expect the law firm to represent you.

2. Garwood Attorneys

This law firm is helpful during and after a divorce process. The firm helps the divorcing couple agree to alimony, child support, and asset division terms through mediation. Life can change drastically, especially for a divorcee who wishes to move out of San Diego with their child. The law firm will help the person seek permission from the court and ex-partner to relocate with their child. Your ex-partner may disagree with this arrangement. The law firm may send a family lawyer to speak with the ex-partner in such a case.

1. Law Offices of Brian A. Victor

A divorce lawyer is necessary to help you with alimony or child support issues. Unfortunately, the more couples argue on these issues, the more they pay the attorney. As a result, the divorce process ends up becoming more costly. To curb further costs, there is an option of mediation. During a mediation, the firm consults the necessary professionals. The faster the professionals can get the couple to agree on the terms, the less they will pay the divorce lawyer. In addition, the mediation process takes place virtually via Zoom to even lower the cost further.


Divorce is already a difficult moment in one’s life. It is even more complicated when the process is prolonged for various reasons. In San Diego, you get to enjoy a quick and less convoluted divorce procedure. Are you concerned that your partner may not agree to the divorce? Thankfully, the identified law firms understand how to convince such a person. Do not let that stop you.

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