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Schools around the globe are ranked based on their performance across a set of widely regarded metrics of quality. Washington University School of Law appears to meet the standard quality measures since it is ranked among the top 20 law schools in the United States. Of course, law students study the law school’s rankings before enrolling because we all know that attending the greatest law school makes it much simpler for graduates of top-ranked law schools to obtain legal internships, clerkships, job interviews, and a firm understanding of the foundations of law. St. Louis, Missouri, is home to the Washington University School of Law.

The campus gives its students the necessary tools to become the finest lawyers in their field and professionals. Still, it also connects its students with intelligent classmates from all over the world, ensuring one of the best social settings for its students. In this article on the 20 things you didn’t know about Washington University School of Law, we highlight some of the most astonishing facts about this university that you may not have known, but we will enlighten you

20. What is Washington University School of Law known for?

Washington University School of Law is well-known for its academic programs that provide subject-focused study in various globally significant disciplines. Such disciplines include corporate and business law, commercial and consumer law, bankruptcy, intellectual property and technology law, and international and comparative law. WashULaw is also recognized for providing its students with opportunities to learn from some of the field’s most experienced researchers and legal practitioners while benefiting from a relatively flexible school curriculum.

19. There are unique opportunities outside the classroom

WashULaw provides excellent practical activities and practice-focused programs and provides its students with an extracurricular portfolio and activities that encourage a variety of professional prospects and opportunities. Some of the extracurricular opportunities that the university offers include;

  • Competitions, for example, Lawyering Skills Competitions
  • Attorney Advisory Programs
  • Judicial Experiential Learning Programs

18. Washington University School of Law offers top-ranked programs in Law

According to U.S. News & World Report, the university is currently ranked 16th in the United States among the 196 accredited law schools. Without a doubt, WashULaw has earned a spot among the nation’s most outstanding law schools due to the fantastic programs that it provides. WashULaw offers a comprehensive choice of applied lawyering competence courses and substantive law, providing its learners with the required knowledge they need to understand legal reasoning and apply their learned skills in the job market. These programs include corporate and business law, commercial and consumer law, and bankruptcy.

17. Opportunities for International students

Washington University School of Law is constructed in such a way that it can accommodate international students from all over the world who are interested in expanding their understanding of international law. WashULaw offers several Masters in Law programs, like LLM for International Lawyers and Juris Scientiae Doctor (JSD), designed for international students.

16. WashULaw has four student-edited journals

Through the Washington University Law Review, learners at the university are given the opportunity to write and edit legally related scholarly articles. The University Law Review facilitates the occurrence of various engaging debates and dialogues on fascinating legal features and concerns, both in the broader legal world and within the law school.

15. Availability of an English Advantage Summer Language Programme

The university administration established the English Advantage Summer Language Program to assist its learners in improving their English proficiency alongside their legal skills. Before beginning the LLM curriculum, each student is required to complete English language training for both professional and academic communication. Typically, the training takes place over the summer break.

14. Washington University School of Law Career Center

The university’s career center collaborates with WashULaw students to help them accomplish and identify their career goals. Learners go through tailored placement procedures that encourage professional growth with the help of competent and experienced human resources positioned in the university’s career center.

13. Joining WashULaw means you join an exceptional student community

The WashULaw student community is distinguished by a persistent desire to succeed and a welcoming learning environment. Life at this campus is inclusive and diverse, with student-run clubs providing opportunities to make friends and learn. The superb teachers, lovely campus, amazing classmates, and the networking and activities provided are all reasons to enroll at WashULaw. Without any doubt, the student community at WashULaw is unmatched.

12. Availability of Opportunities to Compete

The Washington University School of Law curriculum offers a rich program of lawyering skills competitions for its students. Through the lawyering skills competitions, WashULaw students are able to refine their professional techniques through the different competitions. In addition to these competitions honing the students’ professional values and vital legal abilities, some of the competitions earn the learners academic credits. The Trial and Advocacy Program manages several of the university’s competitions, such as the trial and appellate skills competitions, while others, like the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) competitions, are administered by the ADR Program.

11. Scholars in Law Program

Keeping in mind that financial aid is of paramount importance for many students and their families today, Washington University School of Law has come up with a Scholars in Law program that provides financial assistance to about 90% of its students. The program’s generous benefactors offer the scholarships. Through combined stipends and loans, the scholarships assist in meeting the cost of the students’ education. The scholars program has allowed different supporters and donors to sponsor outstanding law learners at the university to achieve their goals and aspirations through annual scholarships.

10. Application Requirements to Washington University School of Law

Students choosing to join the Washington University School of Law don’t have to incur any full-time program application fees since the application is free. Some of the requirements that WashULaw looks out for in the candidates wanting to join the university include professional integrity, strong academic backgrounds, diverse backgrounds, and personal integrity. Apart from the Regular Decision Program, WashULaw also offers the Early Decision Program, a highly competitive program set aside for candidates who have done their law school research more carefully. One perk of the Early Decision Program is that students admitted to the university through this program are given the best scholarships available to help them complete their university studies.

9. History and Traditions of Washington University Law

Crow Waymand, a well-known St. Louis trader, and William Greenleaf established the institution in 1853. The two recognized a need for higher education in the Midwest and founded Washington University in St. Louis. The first study program established at the university was the evening program, which started on October 22, 1854. This was suitable for the immigrants who had moved and settled in St. Louis. Within the first 50 years, the institution grew from an evening program to an institution offering a comprehensive course offering. Law and fine arts schools were later added. The law school was initially located in downtown St. Louis but was relocated in 1904 to the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

8. Over five Degree programs

The Washington University School of Law offers at least nine separate degree programs to talented and smart individuals from all walks of life. Some of the degree programs contained in the Washington University School of Law include; the Online LL.M. Program, Online Law Programs, Online Master of Legal Studies Program, Online LL.M. in Taxation Program, Juris Scientiae Doctoris (JSD) program, Master of Laws (LL.M.) program, Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program, Juris Doctoris (JD) program, and Joint Degree programs. Members of these various degree programs are well-known for their extraordinary achievements in the legal profession and service to the broader public. They are also extremely knowledgeable and excel in their responsibilities as teachers and mentors to aspiring lawyers.

7. Student Organizations

WashULaw sponsors a wide range of student groups and organizations that are constantly evolving and represent diverse student perspectives. Most of these student organizations are local chapter representations of the bigger national organizations. These organizations make a significant contribution to the vibrancy of the larger community. Through them working together, they provide the learners with a place to engage in the larger legal, academic, and social worlds, serve, and advocate. The several student organizations formed in WashULaw are unique to the law school and guided by unique rules and regulations.

6. Your Chances of Employment

The Washington University School of Law guarantees you a quality education. The graduate employment rate stands at 87.1%, with the graduates assured of long-term, JD-required, and full-time employment within nine months of graduation. A total of 52.1 % of graduates have found jobs in legal firms with more than 100 lawyers or have obtained federal judicial clerkships, indicating that very few graduates from the university are unemployed.

5. The Campus

WashULaw, which came into existence in the late 1800s, is the oldest continuously functioning law school in that same area. The campus is located in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world, the city of St. Louis in the United States. This city is characterized as a culturally diverse, vibrant, and energetic city. It is only a short distance from nationally famous landmarks and destinations, including the Saint Louis Zoo, Forest Park, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Saint Louis Art Museum.

4. You can Pursue Dual Degree Programs at Washington University School of Law

The Washington School of Law makes it simple for you to pursue your ideal course and build your career path. You can pursue a dual degree at the university without much difficulty. In partnership with the university’s other highly regarded graduate schools, WashULaw provides various joint-degree opportunities. By combining a law degree with another degree program from a different department at the university, students can create a joint degree tailored to their specific interests. The School of Law collaborates with the various departments in the other schools. This ensures that their students earn these two different degrees, either a master’s degree or a Juris Doctorate in different fields, in a much shorter period than it would take the student to pursue each degree at different times during their studies.

3. Alumni & Family Involvement

The alumni and families of Washington University School of Law have always been invited to join and work together with the university’s administration to make WashULaw a better university. Alumni collaborate with the administration to throw light on newly accepted students who are always eager to attend WashULaw each year and assist them in learning what is expected of them once they set foot in this distinguished institution. Alumni and families are essential partners in helping students pursue their interests outside of WashU. They help students locate opportunities, fund internships, and serve as mentors to students. Their help has a long-term impact on a student’s achievement beyond university.

2. Tuition Expenses in Washington University School of Law

Studying at the Washington University School of Law is not inexpensive, but it can be expensive depending on your background. The institution charges an annual tuition fee of $64,488, which is divided between the fall and spring semesters. Other costs added to this fee include $8,910 for the room, $1,500 for the books, and a $576 University Health & Wellness Fee, which raises the total cost to a certain amount. On the other hand, the institution provides a variety of payment choices as well as merit-based scholarships that are awarded at the time of enrollment.

1. Is Washington University School of Law Private or Public?

WashULaw is a private institution established in 1953 that has world-class professors and very enabling facilities. This private university has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,653, is located in a city, has a campus area of 169 acres, and follows a semester-based academic calendar. The institution features a close-knit and diverse student body, as well as a highly strategic location, which gives it a competitive advantage over other law schools.

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