20 Things You Didn’t Know about The Gould School of Law

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There are tons of Law Schools spread out across the US, and if you look at the yearly rankings of the top 20 Law schools, you will notice that the Gould School of Law always features prominently. Of course, lawyers are always interested in the rankings since they help you choose the best schools, which not only give you a firm grasp of the foundations of law but also enable you to have a seamless transition into the real practice, no matter where your career interests lie. Gould School of Law is located at the heart of Los Angeles, and with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, the campus boasts of stellar professors who know you by your first name. In our latest article on the 20 things you didn’t know about Gould School of Law, we look at some interesting facts about his incredible institution. Read on and tell us if you knew some of this interesting stuff about the Gould School of Law.

20. It is Ranked Among the Top 20 Law Schools in the US.

Gould has consistently been ranked among the top 20 Law Schools in the U.S. The ranking, which is based on a set of widely accepted performance indicators of excellence, shows just how this institution strives to be among the best.

19. How did the Gould School of Law Get its Name?

Well, every name has a meaning behind it, and the Gould School of Law is no exception. The institution traces its name back to the Gould Heritage and was named in honor of the prominent Gould family where Judge James Gould came from. Judge James Gould was a renowned legal scholar, a teacher, and one of the founders of Litchfield Law School. Initially, the school was known as the USC Law, and it wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that it became the USC Gould School of Law.

18. The Current Dean is Andrew T. Guzman

Do you know the current dean of the Gould School of Law? Andrew T. Guzman is the current dean of the institution. Andrew joined the Los Angeles-based institution in 2015 and was previously a law professor at UC Berkeley School of Law. He is a distinguished scholar who holds a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto (1990) and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

17. It is one of the most selective Law Schools in the U.S.

Out of the 5648 applications that Gould School of Law received in Fall 2019, only 17.7% of them were accepted, making the institution to be one of the most difficult U.S. Law Schools in the U.S. to get into. The ranking means that the school only admits the best, which is a great accomplishment by the institution.

16. There is Continuous Learning at Gould School of Law

Unlike other faculties in the University of Southern California, the Gould School of Law keeps its students informed on the new changes in the law since the law is always subject to change. In addition, the school also offers unparalleled opportunities for you to network with leading experts in the industry hence giving you an upper hand in the competitive job market.

15. Is Gould School of Law Private or Public

Gould School of Law is a private institution which is well supported by world class tutors and state of the art facilities. The institution has a closely-knit and diverse student body and a location that is very strategic hence giving it a competitive advantage to other law schools. The school is located at the heart of Los Angeles, which is a talent hub for some of the most brilliant minds in the U.S.

14. USC Gould School of Law Scholarship

Unlike other schools, the Gould School of Law is famous across the country for how it offers the best students scholarships in many fields such as, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Media, Entertainment and Technology Law, Public Interest Law, and more. The institution also has also shown exemplary public service, and incredible inter-disciplinary focus across all faculties.

13. Over Four Faculties in the Gould School of Law

The Gould School of Law has at least five distinct faculties which admit bright students from all walks of life. Some of the faculties contained in the Gould School of Law include; Administration Law, Constitutional Law, Bankruptcy and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, and the faculty of International Law. The faculty members of each of these distinct faculties are renowned for their outstanding contributions to the profession and their service to the general public. They are also well knowledgeable and perform exemplary in their roles as teaching and mentoring upcoming lawyers.

12. USC Gould School of Law Publishes Law Reviews

The importance of law reviews cannot be understated. Law Reviews since offer insights and ideas that are essential in jurisprudence. The Southern California Law Review, is the institution’s flagship scholarly journal that was established in 1927. The law review contains one volume each year, which is released in six separate issues. The Law Review publishes content on a lot of matters with the aim of serving all segments of the community. The Law Review also convenes a forum where controversial subjects of the law can be discussed and explored further.

11. Progressive Degree Programs In Gould School of Law

Through the PDP (Progressive Degree Program), students can earn credits towards their master’s degree while still pursuing their bachelor’s degree in the university. As a result, students can reduce the number of units required for them to earn their master’s degree once they are done with their undergraduate degree. You can therefore complete your Bachelor’s degree as well as a Masters of Studies in Law degree within five years only.

10. The school is made up of people from different races and nationalities

According to a recent report, white students make up 27.3% of the total school’s population, followed by international students at 23.8%, then Asians at 19.1%. Hispanic students make up 15.6% of the total population. On the other hand, Black Americans made up 5.8% of the total population, although the number was going up.

9. Dorothy W. Nelson was the First Female Dean in History

Back in 1957 when she introduced mediation and arbitration courses to the USC Gould School, Dorothy W. Nelson was the only woman in the faculty. At the time, her groundbreaking move never earned applause from any of her colleagues. Over the years though, Doroth W Nelson has earned distinction for her role in advocating for peaceful resolution of conflicts and as a jurist. Between 1967 and 1969, she served as the interim dean of the school and during that time, she earned the honor of Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year. She was also the first female to become a dean in a fully accredited school of law.

8. Studying at the Gould School of Law is Not Cheap

Depending on your background, studying Law at this magnificent institution maybe a little bit too expensive for you. For starters, the school does not allow first year law students to work. The institution charges a tuition fee of $69,998 which may rise to around $97,354 when you add other costs. However, the university offers several payment options as well as merit-based scholarships which are released at the time of admission.

7. Spring Break Justice Trip

Among the things that law students can indulge in during their Spring break is a justice trip which normally is not high among the list of priorities for law students. In 2015, some law students took two days trying to help others during a trip to south Fresno on the Justice Bus. During such a trip, the law students offer legal expertise on issues ranging from labor standards, tax advice, and so much more.

6. Application to Gould School of Law and Your Chances of Employment

Students choosing to join Gould School of Law have to pay $75 in application fees. According to data from the university’s website, the acceptance rate has been declining significantly since 2017 going from 29.9% to 19.2%. To be enrolled in the school, you need to be above the LSAT score (166). The institution guarantees you quality education with the graduate employment rate standing at 71.8%. Your probability of getting into employment rises significantly to 87.6% ten months from graduation which means that very few graduates from the institution are unemployed.

5. Gould Annual Awards Ceremony

The university is well known for how it recognizes the achievements of the staff and students for their contributions to the law profession. During the school’s annual awards, students normally gather at the Law Croker Plaza where the best students are recognized and awarded for their excellent performance. Some of the awards meted out include; The SBA Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards, The William A. Rutter Distinguished Teaching Award which honors dedicated teaching staff, The Edward and Eleanor Shattuck Award which honours outstanding students, The Miller-Johnson Equal Justice Prize which honours the student with the greatest commitment to social justice causes and many more.

4. Gould Graduates Among the Top Earners

According to Forbes, graduates from Gould School of Law are among the highest-paid. This can be attributed to the perception that employers have on the quality of graduates that the university churns out. Being a Gould Alumni is amazing for sure and the median mid-career salary for alumni of the institution is $192,800. The salary is ranked 6th among the 97 schools of law across the country and is the highest in Southern California. Recent reports indicate that the salaries of Law students from Gould School start from $145,000, which is ranked 13th, which is still among the top 25 schools in terms of salaries for starting and mid-career graduates.

3. Gould Alumni Mentor

Gould Alumni Mentor was launched in February 2021 to shed light on first-year students who are always eager to join Gould School of Law each year. The students are engaged by alumni and get to know what is expected of them once they set foot into this prestigious institution. The alumni also share their career experiences and give students a chance to network with other members of the Trojan Family.

2. You can Pursue Dual Degree Programs at USC Gould

The Gould School of Law makes it easy for you to pursue your dream course and chart the path to your dream career. Without much of a hassle, you can pursue a dual degree at the university. The school offers a dual degree program alongside the Marshall School of Business, the Price School of Public Policy, the School of Social Work, the Davis School of Gerontology, and many more. Other than that, a student can pursue a non-law master’s degree, which normally takes a year, with a dual program and earn both degrees in three years. However, if the master’s degree requires two years, it may take you up to four years to earn both degrees.

1. How old is USC Gould School of Law

The Gould School of Law traces its early beginnings to 1896, but it wasn’t until 1900 that it became affiliated with USC. The idea of building the school came about after an editorial in the Los Angeles Times declared that a law school should be established in Los Angeles. The USC Gould School of Law remains to be the one of the oldest law schools in the southwestern part of the U.S. and its graduates have gone on to work in some of the world’s largest law firms and civil rights movements.

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