The 20 Best Divorce Lawyers in Hawaii


Marriages are sacred, and every couple wishes, if so, their marriage to remain strong and leave ever happy. In an ideal world, unions could remain healthily complete throughout the life of any of the spouses. Still, regrettably and realistically, the world today is full of stressful events and is ever-changing. Therefore, divorce is not an uncommon phenomenon.

When one party in a marriage’s expectation has remained unmet and tries to reconcile without success, it will lead to divorce. Usually, a divorce is painful and not easy to handle, especially when feelings get the better of one side of the couple. If you need a reasonable attorney in Hawaii to handle your divorce process, it would be best to find an experienced lawyer to help you get the best outcome and settlement. This article is a guide on the 20 Best Divorce Lawyers in Hawaii that you can consider hiring for your divorce case.

20. Law Office of Steven J. Kim

Law Office of Steven J. Kim was founded in 1988 by attorney Steven J. Kimani to help the community members of Honolulu. This firm focuses mainly on family law and handles cases touching on property division, adoption, domestic abuse protective orders, and guardianship. The firm has experienced attorneys who can deal with complicated cases, particularly those involving military divorces, parental kidnapping, and high asset divorces. In divorce cases where children are involved, it handles child custody and child support to find the best solution that suits the children.

19. Law Office of Shelby N. Ferrer

Law Office of Shelby N. Ferrer has represented clients throughout Hawaii in family law and other law discipline areas. This firm was established in 2014 by Shelby N. Ferrer, who provides legal representations in family-related matters that deal with paternity actions to handle the fathers’ rights and obligations. She also takes guardianship to determine to get help for children whose biological parents cannot care for them. Other cases he deals with include child custody, visitation, support, and representing clients in raw domestic violence.

18. Law Office of Mitchell S. Wong

Law Office of Mitchell S. Wong was established in 2004 by Attorney Mitchell S.Wong.he has over 31 years of experience handling various types of law-related issues. His services in family law matters include divorce, paternity, child custody proceedings, adoption, and Child Protective Services proceedings. He handles divorce cases involving collaborative law, same-sex divorce, contested divorce, property division, spousal support & alimony, military divorce, and uncontested divorce. He can also handle business law, personal injury, product liability, domestic violence, and real estate law.

17. Law Office of Kevin S. Kimura

Law Office of Kevin S. Kimura has been in operation since 2000, offering the residents of Hawaii legal help in family law matters. Lawyer Kevin Kimura handles cases of various family matters such as divorce, paternity disputes, child custody, visitation rights, child support, and asset division. Lawyer Kimaru can also handle complex cases that deal with military divorce, domestic violence, and restraining orders. Other areas to seek help include estate planning and elder law.

16. Law Office of James B. Lewis PA

Law Office of James B. Lewis PA is a private firm established to represent the residents of Honolulu and its surroundings with matters of family law. You can contact the firm or visit me when you have issues with family law, traffic law, criminal defense, drug crimes, and DUI law. Attorney James B. Lewis has vast experience in dealing with the above law-related issues for more than a decade. He also handles clients with drug real estate issues and personal injury cases.

15. Law Office of Fred I. Waki

Law Office of Fred I. Waki was established in is operated by attorney Fred Waki who has vast experience in handling family-related law cases for the residents of Honolulu and its environs. Waki has a legal team that assists him in conducting cases touching on domestic violence where a partner in a marriage needs a protection order. The firm also offers help in child support disputes, child custody, divorce, or legal separation. Other issues outside legal marriage to seek help include real property, collections, and landlord-tenant relations.

14. Law Office of Emma Littman Baker

Law Office of Emma Littman Baker is based in Honolulu and specializes in providing the residents of the Honolulu metro and surrounding area with family law services. You can seek individual or family help when you have a case touching on paternity, divorce, prenuptial, and postnuptial agreements. According to Federal Pay, this firm also assists those who need temporary restraining orders. Attorney Emma Littman also has experience dealing with military divorces and any specific issue that touches on the military, such as relocation and deployment.

13. Law Office of Craig W Polanzi

The Law Office of Craig W Polanzi was established in 1992 by Craig W Polanzi to serve clients based in the Honolulu metro and its surrounding area. This law firm deals with family law cases that involve divorce and separation, visitation rights, legal separation, paternity testing, and child adoption. In addition, this law firm helps its clients to navigate prenuptial agreements and restraining orders if need be. The firm can also handle matters related to chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies.

12. Kleintop & Luria, LLP

Kleintop & Luria, LLP was established in 2008 in Honolulu. It helps clients with cases concerning divorce that include child custody & support and asset division. Additionally, it helps solve mediations, negotiations, and arbitrations in the best interest of their clients for both parties. According to, this firm also handles guardianships and adoptions cases. You can hire them if you have paternity issues and want premarital and post-marital agreement help. The firm lawyers are all members of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

11. King King

King and King Law firm has experienced attorneys who can combine their experience of over 100 years. They have been helping Honolulu residents with family law-related challenges. Lead attorneys in this firm include Samuel P. King and Adrienne S. The firm works closely with clients in cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, and division of assets and debts.

10. Kevin S. Adaniya, Attorney at Law

Kevin S. Adaniya, Attorney at Law, is another good law firm that handles family-related law matters. It was established in 1998 by attorney Kevin S. Adaniya. He addresses children’s needs in custody-related disputes and has vast skills in disputes resolutions to help couples settle cases in out-of-court settlements. On divorce cases, he handles visitation & time-sharing, paternity, post-divorce, adoption, and guardianship of a child. Mr. Adaniya works flexible hours. If you want a consultation, you can meet him in the evenings or on weekends. He also offers consultation services on zoom at a fee of $150, which is settled by credit card or debit card before the appointment begins.

9. Jackie Kong, Esq

Jackie Kong, Esq was established in 1999. From that time, it opened its doors to handle family matters around the Honolulu metro and the surroundings. Among the cases she represents in family law are divorce, adoption, paternity disputes, alimony, custody, and visitation. Jackie is a registered board member of the Hawaii State Bar Associations Family Law section.

8. Isaac Keahi Smith Attorney at Law

This law is private and serves Honolulu residents and the surrounding areas. Among the legal services, it offers touches on family-related matters such as divorce, paternity, guardianship, and child custody & support. Additionally, this law firm handles related issues like spousal abuse, adoption, temporary restraining orders, and child & spousal abuse. The principal attorney in charge of this law firm attorney Isaac Keahi Smith has been in the business for over three decades.

7. Harlan Y. Kimura, Attorney at Law, A Law Corporation

Attorney Harlan Y. Kimura handles legal matters touching on family law for the residents of Honolulu. It is run by Kimura, who has vast experience of over 40 years in legal practice. This firm deals with cases such as divorce, visitation rights, child support, and child custody. Kimura also offers mediation to encourage cooperation in a family dispute. He is a registered member of the Hawaii Economic Development Corporation.

6. Hartley & McGehee

This law firm is based in Kailua and handles family law issues. The firm is committed to ensuring that its clients get resolution and results. They deal with all facets of family law such as dispute resolutions, child custody, adoption, child support, temporary restraining orders, same-sex marriages, military divorce, civil unions, and more. The firm is operated by two of Hawaii’s family law attorneys, namely Steven L.Hartley and Elsa F.M.McGehee.every case brought to them is handed over to a legal team from beginning to end.

5. Farrell & Perrault

Farrell & Perrault law firm is based in Honolulu and deals exclusively with family law and family criminal problems. This establishment has been in business for over 60 years and has a wide range of clients it has formed over that time, such as couples, single parents, and military members. According to Yelp, the resident attorneys in this firm deal with cases related to divorce, restraining order, paternity, child abuse, and adoption. The personal interest is for a client to get the best outcome in their case. Attorney Tom Farrell also handles service members and contractors’ revocation of security clearance issues.

4. Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC

Everett Cuskaden & Associates ALC is a law firm that deals with family law. This firm has family lawyers around Honolulu that take care of guardianships and adoption-related cases, including those for grandparents and stepparents. The firm also can draw to you premarital and post-marital agreements if you want to protect your assets and debts that your spouse could be having. Further, its lawyers can help you handle legal separation agreements that oversee the client’s rights and responsibilities regarding childcare issues and property division. The firm can represent either party in a divorce in paternity cases to determine the duties and rights of the father.

3. Ellen B. Politano Attorney at Law, LLC

Since 1989, Ms.Politano has run Ellen B. Politano Attorney at Law, LLC throughout Honolulu. She has been representing her clients with all kinds of divorce-related challenges that include stressful circumstances such as paternity-related cases to determine the father’s responsibilities or rights. She also handles domestic violence cases that require court order restrictions. Ms. Politano views mediation as a healthier alternative to seeking litigation and getting fair solutions to all support issues, custody, and visitation. She is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Associations Family Law Segment.

2. Ohana Legal

Ohana Legal is operated by a solo attorney that helps individuals facing family-related law issues near Honolulu, Kailua, and Windward. The lead attorney in this firm guides people going through a divorce, child support cases, and child custody. Additionally, she helps those in same-sex divorce cases navigate the issue surrounding them, modification or enforcement of an order, and paternity disputes. She also handles mother’s rights, father rights, military divorce, paternity cases, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and relocation of children. If you need any of these services, consultation is free, and you can book an appointment in the evenings and during the weekends.

1. Christopher D. Thomas Attorney at Law

Christopher D. Thomas, Attorney at Law, has served clients in Hawaii for over nine years. He handles family law cases that touch on divorce to child support. Thomas provides mediation services for couples who look for his service to avoid lengthy litigation. Christopher’s other practice area is handling military-related cases, and you can look for his service. If you have an issue with demotion actions and proceeding with administrative discharge, you can contact him.

According to, Christopher has experience of 15 years in legal matters and received his law training in alternative mediation and dispute resolution from Creighton University. Overall, if you live in Hawaii and the surroundings and need help regarding your divorce case, you can contact any divorce lawyers above and settle for one that suits your case. They have experienced lawyers who have handled divorce-related cases for a long time, and they will help you navigate through most divorce issues with ease.

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