20 Things You Didn’t Know about The University of California, Berkeley Law School

UC Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley Law School has maintained a high standard over the years in academic excellence. It was ranked ninth in the overall performance across widely accepted excellence indicators in 2022 as the best law schools category. Whether you are looking for a top law school university to apply to, you have already applied to attend Berkeley law school, or a continuing student. This article will address 20 things that you may not have known about this prestigious law school.

1. Berkeley law program is the oldest school in the California University System

The crown jewel that was built in the city of California has become a treasure ever since. According to Zumper, the University of California began way back 1868 when it was based in Oakland. The stay there was temporary before it was relocated to its permanent place now Berkeley, in 1873. That is why it goes by the name “Cal” because it was indeed the first university institution program to be introduced in the University system. UC Berkeley Law School has produced top students and consistently maintains a top 3 ranking among the public universities in the United States. Most of the time, it has occupied the top position. Additionally, faculty and researchers from UC Berkeley have been racked up for Nobel prizes than the other faculties in the university, earning a whopping 104 prizes to date. They have also been ranked third worldwide as the institution with the highest awards. UC Berkeley Law School is used to earning accolades every year., with the law faculty creating close to over 900 startups, over 1,700 innovations, and over 12,000 unique active patents for invention.

2. The school does not rank students using GPAs and letter Grades

When you join UC Berkeley Law School, don’t expect to be ranked with your fellow peers. The school does not use GPAs like other learning institutions or letter grades to measure students’ performance. The ranking that the school uses is unique and so different from the traditional grades used everywhere. For instance, 10% of the highest performing students in a class will be given High Honors grade.30% of those who follow them will be awarded Honors. The rest will get Pass, Pass Conditional, or No credit, respectively.

3. Law School Acceptance Rate

When you want to apply for law studies and look at the best law school to apply to in the U.S, Berkeley Law school has an acceptance rate of 20.2% for all the applications it receives. You can try your luck in the application. You never know it could be your chance. According to Guideline Law, figures released for the first-year class that joins for the academic year 2021/2022 indicates that Berkeley school of law received about 8,003 applications for new students, Berkeley accepted385 of them, which is the highest enrollment rate of law school with a 4.81 %. This information about the acceptance rate is crucial to help you understand the stiff competition in the university to motivate those who want to study law at the university to plan and prepare their application in the best possible way to boost their chances of getting an acceptance.

4. Required Recommendation Letters

When you want to apply for a chance to join the University of California–Berkeley Law School program, your application should include about 2 to 4 recommendation letters for consideration.

5. LSAT Score Requirement

The UC Berkeley exams board has not set any minimum requirement for students to meet for their LSAT scores. However, for reference purposes, the median LSAT score attained by the first class of 2019/20202 JD class was 168. Typically, what the admission board uses to evaluate a student’s LSAT score, the panel will look at other similar tests that the student did if they led to a student underperformance in the past. For instance, if you can prove that you did perform better in your undergraduate grades and your performance in SAT dropped, the board may consider this to predict your chances of potentially succeeding in a law school program.

6. US, Berkeley law Program Early Decision Program

When you have minimized your research of which law school to join and finally chosen the University of California–Berkeley Law School as your first option, applying for the program through the early binding decision (BED) option would be best. This program has a set deadline for the interested students to submit their applications. It usually runs from September 1st. The early decision deadline is by November 15th.

7. Online LSAC Application Form Deadline

When you want to apply for a chance to study law at Berkeley law school, you will log into the university website and use the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) option. Usually, the form is made available every year at the beginning of September for download and completion. You can choose an option to specialize in your LL.M.Program. When you study law at the UC Berkeley law school, you can specialize and get a certificate in several areas that interest you. You can choose from the three options below which area to specialize in. Executive Track: Under this option, a student can specialize and earn an internationally renowned degree from the institution. However, a student cannot leave their commitments or profession for an entire year. After completing this certificate, a student will be admitted to the bar after completing the California Bar Examination. This program one can take on their flexible time online or study it on campus premise. Traditional Track: You can apply for this program, and it will run for nine months in a given academic year. This program is available to interested students to help them learn the U.S. legal system and take research work on a specific aspect of law. Besides this program preparing students to earn a degree, it helps them get in-depth training in relevant areas of law and get a certificate of specialization. This program integrates Americans and other international law students into their studies. Thesis Track: This program runs for nine months during an academic year where a student is expected to carry out research work. The program is designed for students interested in research work to help them create projects. A student will be under the supervision of a tenured faculty member during the entire course duration. It is helpful for students looking forward to taking up jobs in their home countries. Under this program, a student can be involved in Berkeley Law Centers, journals, field placement, clinics, and student’s initiatives in legal projects as they work closely with an assigned faculty member.

8. The University is located in Serene Environment

The Cal campus is situated in a beautiful land perfect for a learning environment. The land campus is surrounded by wooded rolling hills and a vibrant city known for political, intellectual, and social engagement. The area has a rich diversity of artwork. According to the Law School Admission Council, students who want to learn at the campus have opportunities to enjoy what the intimate city present such as gourmet restaurants, excellent restaurants, quaint coffee houses, open spaces, and expansive parks.

9. Law School Enrollment

The three path options that a student can choose to earn their LLM degree at the institutions are usually allocated. LLM traditional track has the highest allocation of 240 students, LLM thesis track has only five slots, and LLM executive track is given 140 places for both new students and those returning to complete their program. You can choose a space that interests you.

10. Application Fee

For those planning to apply for an LLD law degree program at UC, Berkley Law School, you will have to part with a $75 fee. It is important to note that an application form of any interested student will not be processed until they submit their application fee. The submitted fee by a student cannot also be used to process their application for other law schools in the university system program.

11. Application Fee Waivers

The institution does not offer a waiver to students based on merit. A student can consider a need-based fee waiver from the Law Services (LSAC) and exploit the option which when they become successful, the fee will be waived automatically.

12. How to reapply for a law degree program

Any student who missed a chance and wants to reapply for the law degree can do so by filling out a new application form, resubmitting their transcripts and recommendations, and renewing their CAS account if it expires. Ensure that you contact the LSAC to find out about your status before using the system to reapply on the website.

13. Matching Scholarship Program

Those who have sponsorship to join any particular school in the twelve categories prefer to join Berkeley Law School. When you present your scholarship to the Berkeley admission council, they can match that scholarship to ensure that you get a slot at the law school.

14. National Prestige

Berkeley law school has remained a national Public Law school ever since its precipitation. It has occupied the top 3 slots within Virginia and Michigan. It has been part of the ‘Big 2” for ages in California. According to law school hacker, this is how you can exploit the prestige opportunity to your advantage. Suppose you want to get into a law program at Yale, Stanford, or Harvard, you are likely to be accepted in any of them. You can join Berkeley law school when you have a full scholarship if the other big three have not offered you any.

15. Strong Departments

UC, Berkeley is one of the best institutions to study law in the United States. The law faculty boasts having the best departments such as environmental law and intellectual property. You will also enjoy the clinical programs you will be based on during your studies. All the departments are strong. You will not find any weaker one.

16. Attached to the World Class University

When you join UC, Berkeley, you can be guaranteed that you are entering an excellent institution known for conducting the best research in the world. Cal boasts several prestigious Noble Laureates winners globally for their research work. If you want to study a different thing outside the law, you can join any other faculty in the institution.

17. Free Speech Movement Club

The free speech movement club at UC, Berkeley, began in 1964.it has been active since then as it is known for inspiring many during the period when there was a struggle for civil rights. The opposition fueled it during the war between the U.S. and Vietnam.

18. Some Tradition at the School

When you join UC, Berkeley, you will find unique traditions students all over the school practice. For instance, it is a tradition to get good grades to roll down on the “4.0 Hill” situated at the college. It is believed that when you step on anything on the Berkeley seal around the place, you will be a curse for that particular year. Before they sit for exams, students believe that when they rub the stone ball situated in front of the Campanile, it will bring them good luck.

19. Campus Colors

The traditional colors of UC Berkeley are blue and gold. The blue color represented the California sky and ocean, and the pioneer students from Yale University established the university. On the other hand, gold represents the “Golden State.”

20. Interconnection Underground Tunnels

One of the beautiful pieces of unique things you will find in UC, Berkeley Law School is the series of underground steam tunnels contracted back in the 1900s to create power used by the campus. This tunnel can be remembered for the route that the school Chancellor used to escape back in the 1960S when students were protesting about the Vietnam war, and they chained his office door to prevent him from escaping.

In Conclusion

UC, Berkeley law school, has a rich history of producing the best legal minds. The evidence is there for everyone to see with the school’s high ranking and the notable alumni that it has produced. When you consider applying to join the institution for a law degree program, the information above can assist you in putting your best foot forward.

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