Ranking The 10 Best Law Schools in New York

Cornell Law School

If you want to become a lawyer, it is advisable to attend a reputable law school. This can help you pass the bar exam, get employed, and achieve your career goals. However, even though it is vital to find a great law school, selecting the appropriate one can be challenging. Many options are available, and they have different locations, price points and reputation. You should be practical about the one that can admit you. According to Testmaxprep.com, only California surpasses New York when it comes to the states with the highest number institutions that train lawyers in the U.S.A. New York has some of the well-regarded and dynamic institutions that teach law in the nation, and you might therefore feel overwhelmed by the choices. Each institution benefits from access to multinational corporations, world leaders, and pressing social needs. Yet, each claims to have an impressive list of resources and alumni. The law schools prepare students for everything including conventional subjects like civil litigation, family law, and niche issues like film and fashion industry law, to cutting edge technology like block chain and data mining. Regardless of the kind of law you wish to practice, you can find a law school ready to provide you with the right tools. Below we, outline the most attractive qualities of the 10 leading law institutions in NY. We chose the schools based on characteristics like:

  • National ranking – We evaluate schools based on U.S.A News’ ranking. This is the most in-depth and most popular ranking system.
  • Bar passage percentage – This is the proportion of students who pass the bar exam in New York.
  • Post-graduation salary – This refers to the average salary of the students who graduate from the law schools.
  • Acceptance rate – This is the proportion of applicants accepted to a specific law program.
  • LSAT range – This is the major test students need to take to get into any law school in the U.S.A. The range we quote is the middle fifty percent of admitted students. The 2 numbers represent the outer range.
  • Price – This is the fee paid annually to study at the particular law school.

10. Hofstra University Maurice A. Dean School of Law

  • Website: www.law.hofstra.edu
  • National ranking: 160
  • Post-graduation salary: 61,000 to 70,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 68.2%
  • Acceptance Rate: 48.1%
  • Price: 59,214 dollars
  • LSAT: 148-155

Hofstra University is a great law school even if the bar passage rate appears low. This law school is selective in that it admits under fifty percent of applicants and graduates earn high salaries. The lower-ranking might be related to the lower scores needed to get admitted. One of the best things about this law school is that it emphasizes on the practical aspects of the law. If you are planning to practice law, the emphasis on real-world experience is a major advantage. It also helps with career placement, and 81 percent of graduates find jobs after 10 months of graduating. The tuition fee is high, but worth it. The faculty is supportive to students who are willing to work hard.

9. Albany Law School of Union University

  • Website: www.albanylaw.edu
  • National ranking: 118
  • Post-graduation salary: 59,000 to 73,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 70.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 54.6%
  • Price: 47,450 dollars
  • LSAT: 151-156

If you are searching for a school that offers more individualized attention, Albany law school is a great fit. This private school has about 2,200 students in the entire campus and 372 in the law school. Although the acceptance rate is just over fifty percent, admissions are competitive. Therefore, it is essential to take your test scores and application seriously if you wish to gain admission. Most students qualify for financial aid. The salaries in the private sector are relatively high for a law school which is outside the top one hundred, and public position placement is high. The salaries are also relatively strong. This is mainly due to the staff support network. It has a career center which helps in placing graduates.

8. Syracuse University College of Law

  • Website: www.law.syr.edu
  • National ranking: 111
  • Post-graduation salary: 50,750 to 65,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 91.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 52.1%
  • Price: 51,422 dollars
  • LSAT: 152-156

This is a small private law school in Syracuse. It has a small class size of 230, meaning that getting into the school is competitive. However, it is easier to get admitted into this law school than it is to get admitted into Cornell or Columbia. Students still need a good LSAT score to gain admission. The school has a high bar passage rate in spite of its lower admission requirements. This is a sign that the quality of education in the school is great. The undergraduate program has an emphasis on sports and a party reputation. However, students have to work hard in their academics to succeed. The tuition is higher than average for a school of this caliber, but it provides financial aid. Postgraduate salaries speak to the competition for beginning positions among graduates, but diligent lawyers can get raises as they advance in their careers. According to College Gazzette post of the top law schools in New York boast impressive alumni. However, Syracuse University might have beat them all with its most famous graduate, who is President Joe Biden. The law school also continues to innovate with its national security law plan. If you are not drawn to public services, this law school also provides certification in property and corporate law, estate planning, and family law.

7. SUNY Buffalo Law School

  • Website: www.law.buffalo.edu
  • National ranking: 99
  • Post-graduation salary: 54,000 to 62,500 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 77.5%
  • Acceptance Rate: 57.9%
  • Price: 27,964 dollars
  • LSAT: 150-156

Suny Buffalo law school is listed in the top a hundred law schools in the nation, and its reputation is above average. The campus is large and has about 19,500 students. However, the law school itself is small with lower than 500 Juris Doctor candidates. The student-to-staff ratio is 5.5 students to 1 staff member. It is relatively easy to gain admission because of the lower LSAT scores required. The bottom twenty-five percent of the students who get into the school have a score that is lower than 150. However, it is essential to get your application early because the school rejects about 500 candidates every year. The average expense of education at this law school is reasonable, below the average for an institution in the top 100 law schools in the nation. It also offers financial aid to students in need.

6. St. John’s University School of Law

  • Website: www.stjohns.edu/law
  • National ranking: 74
  • Bar passage rates: 88.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 41.9%
  • Post-graduation salary: 62,500 to 79,000 dollars
  • Price: 59,480 dollars
  • LSAT: 153-160

This Catholic school has a great reputation and is privately run. It is listed in the leading a hundred law schools in the U.S.A. the major advantage of applying to this law school is that getting accepted is easy. The LSAT scores needed are not as high as is the case for a majority of top institutions. The competition for entry is average, but the applicants are relatively few. The number of students who are enrolled in the institution is only 247, which is less than a hundred per class every year. It is situated in Queens, NY. The cost of attending law school is high, but networking opportunities available in this city can assist graduates in finding jobs. It also offers financial assistance programs.

5. Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University

  • Website: www.cardozo.yu.edu
  • National ranking: 53
  • Post-graduation salary: 60,000 to 70,000 dollars
  • Acceptance Rate: 40.3%
  • Bar passage rates: 85.6%
  • Price: 60,610 dollars
  • LSAT: 157-162

This is a private school that has about 1,000 students. The rate of passing the bar exam is a little bit lower than in other schools. This may happen because its admission requirements are more relaxed. If your LSAT score is 157 or higher, you have a great opportunity of getting admitted. The school’s competition rate for admission is average, meaning that the students have a better opportunity for getting admitted than other law schools. The law school offers an active campus life, but it focuses more on academics. Officially, this school is Jewish, but it is not particularly religious. There is no religious influence on the curriculum, but it supports the Jewish community. This school provides more financial aid than other law schools in New York.

4. Fordham University School of Law

  • Website: www.fordham.edu/info/20346/school_of_law
  • National ranking: 27
  • Post-graduation salary: 61,250 to 180,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 92.3%
  • Acceptance Rate: 25.9%
  • Price: 60,406 dollars
  • LSAT: 161-166

Fordham University is a private catholic school that has provided outstanding training since 1841, and is based on traditional Jesuit values, which emphasize hard work, respect, and morality. Students who graduate from Fordham can expect high salaries. The school offers high quality education, but admission is highly relaxed when it comes to LSAT scores. For that reason, you should have an excellent academic background and application to get admitted. The competition is fair.

3. Cornell Law School

  • Website: www.lawschool.cornell.edu
  • National ranking: 13
  • Post-graduation salary: 64,228 to 180,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 95.9%
  • Acceptance Rate: 21.1%
  • Price: 65,541 dollars
  • LSAT: 164-168

This is a selective private university that is very particular with the students who can enter the law program. Cornell requires students who can perform well academically and show that they can maintain balance in their lives. Only about one in five applicants are accepted. This is a good thing because students who are willing to work hard get a great start for their law career. Apart from the curriculum, the school provides a great network. The alumni are active, and are glad to mentor new graduates. The campus also has attractive, historic buildings that inspire students. The cost of attending this law school is high, but students with good LSAT scores can qualify for financial aid.

2. New York University School of Law

  • Website: www.law.nyu.edu
  • National ranking: 6
  • Post-graduation salary: 60,000 to 180,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 97.5%
  • Acceptance Rate: 23.6%
  • Price: 66,422 dollars
  • LSAT: 167-172

This is a private university situated in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. It has about 1700 students. It’s tough to get admitted to NY university school of law, but its acceptance rate is higher than that of Cornel and Columbia law schools. The Curriculum is intensive and the students need to work hard. The school began in 1835, making the oldest law school in the state. Its bar passage rate is great and the post graduate salaries are also good. The yearly fee is costly, but justifiable. It has ranked high consistently in lists of the leading law schools from US News and World Report, and international outlets like QS World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities. Its international focus is seen in the quality of its alumni. Most of its graduates sit in the international court of justice compared to those from other law schools. Some recognized legal philosophers teach at this law school.

1. Columbia Law School

  • Website: www.law.columbia.edu
  • National ranking: 4
  • Post-graduation salary: 60,000 to 180,000 dollars
  • Bar passage rates: 98%
  • Acceptance Rate: 16.8%
  • Price: 69,916 dollars
  • LSAT: 170-174

According to Thoughtco.com, Columbia Law Schools constantly ranks among the top law schools in the nation. Its is located in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood, which provides students with many opportunities for hands-on learning. Columbia law school has thirty research centers and it can provide students with real-world training in several areas including corporate governance and human rights. Columbia takes social justice seriously and it provides various opportunities and support for students interested in public service, human rights and legal volunteer work. Students can obtain as much as 7000 dollars in summer funding to work in jobs that concentrate on public interest. The law school offers one of the premier law programs in the nations. Graduates from Columbia move on to have high paying and prestigious law jobs in the nation. It is a private university and has a class size of 350 individuals. Students who study here are almost guaranteed to pass the bar exam. To have a better chance of getting admitted, you need to hit at least 170 on your LSATs. Note that the school as an acceptance rate of 16.8 percent. Therefore, study hard and ensure that you get you application in as early as possible. Before applying, it is also essential to obtain relevant work experience and consider volunteering possibilities.


These law schools offer high quality education. However, their fees are relatively high, their environments have high pressure and are a bit difficult to get admission to. Regardless of the school you choose from the list above, you can place yourself ahead in your law career.

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