The 20 Best Divorce Lawyers in NYC

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy, but having the right divorce lawyer on your side can make a vital difference in how smoothly and successfully it goes. If you live in New York City and need guidance and counsel on issues such as property division, child custody arrangements, spousal support, or any other matters relating to divorce, you might want to consider the services of one of these 20 top-rated NYC divorce lawyers.

20. Barry Berkman – Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP

Regardless of the complexity of the case, Barry Berkman promises zealous, experienced support. A nationally recognized lawyer with over 55 years of legal experience, Berkman offers exceptional representation to clients throughout the greater New York City metro and surrounding areas of Westchester County and Hackensack in all aspects of family law, including divorce, equitable distribution, property distribution and settlements, child custody and support, alimony, pre-and postnuptial agreements and post-divorce modifications.

19. Miriam E Zakarin – Treuhaft & Zakarin, LLP

Miriam E Zakarin of New York-based law firm Treuhaft & Zakarin, LLP focuses her practice on divorce and family law, providing zealous representation to clients in New York in all matters relating to divorce, including high net worth divorce, child custody and visitation issues, equitable distribution, support motions, and more. In recognition of her excellent reputation, she’s earned a perfect “10” rating for “peer recognition & client satisfaction” from AVVO.

18. Robert Wallack – The Wallack Firm, P.C

Robert Wallack is the founder and principal of The Wallack Firm, P.C, a highly esteemed matrimonial boutique law firm in New York City. Since beginning his career as a prosecutor in the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, Wallack has focused on high net worth divorce and family law matters, representing numerous high profile clients from the world of show business, fashion, sports, and music. He provides representation in matters such as contested/uncontested divorce, equitable distribution of marital property and assets, child custody and visitation, and child support.

17. Peter L. Cedeño – Cedeño Law Group, PLLC

As the managing and founding partner of the divorce, family law and criminal defense law firm Cedeño Law Group, PLLC, Peter L. Cedeño offers representation to clients in New York in divorce and family law matters, including child support, custody, property maintenance, division and pre/post nuptial agreements. He is also highly experienced in handling criminal matters such as violations of orders of protection and failure to pay child support.

16. Jacqueline Newman – Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLP

As the managing partner of New York-based matrimonial law firm Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLP, Jacqueline Newman offers top-notch legal representation to residents of New York City, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas. A Thomson Reuters’ “Super Lawyer” of 10 years standing, she offers capable, compassionate mediation, negotiation, and litigation services in all aspects relating to family law and divorce.

15. Avi Cohen – A. Cohen Law Firm

Avi Cohen is a founding partner of the A. Cohen Law Firm, a top-rated New York City law firm named one of the best divorce firms in the city by Expertise. With over 15 years of experience, Cohen offers top-notch representation in areas that include annulments, legal separations, prenuptial agreements, and both uncontested and contested divorce, along with related family law matters such as division of property, child custody and support, and spousal maintenance.

14. Paul E. Rudder – Paul E. Rudder Law

Per, Paul E. Rudder is a top-rated and highly regarded divorce lawyer in New York City with over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law. Unlike some lawyers who farm out work to legal assistants and other attorneys, Rudder believes in the personal approach, handing all documents, calls, and court appearances personally. Just a few of his accolades include selection to The National Advocates: Top 100 and the ranking of AV through Martindale Hubbel. His law firm, which is based in Midtown Manhattan, offers representation in both contested/uncontested divorce, same-sex divorce, separation agreements, high net worth divorce, divorce mediation, pre-and post-nuptial agreements, and child custody disputes, among other matters.

13. Mary Frances Kelly – Kelly & Knaplund

As the owner of New York City-based law firm Kelly & Knaplund, Mary Frances Kelly is a highly experienced lawyer with an extensive understanding of family law. In addition to being a member of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (an organization committed to alternative dispute resolution and collaborative practice in family law cases), she is highly skilled in mediation. By drawing on her knowledge and experience of both traditional litigation and contemporary dispute resolution models, she’s helped thousands of clients successfully settle cases involving all aspects of divorce and family law.

12. Mark Weaver – Mark Weaver Law

A self-professed “easygoing, trustworthy professional in the office, and a brazen, dragon-slaying protector in the courtroom,” New York attorney Mark Weaver offers top-notch representation in cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, family issues, and equitable division of assets. As someone who has gone through a divorce himself, he understands how tough it can be, but aims to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for his clients through expert guidance and counsel. A free initial consultation is available to all new clients.

11. Val Kleyman – Kleyman Law Firm

Since founding Kleyman Law Firm in 2004, Val Kleyman has focused on matrimonial and family law, offering representation to clients in New York in a variety of divorce types, including contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and annulments. He has handled several high-profile and high-net-worth divorce cases, and also has a history of assisting clients with limited financial means. In addition to offering support on matters such as asset and property division, child and spousal support, and post-divorce compliance and modification, Kleyman also offers guidance on prenuptial agreements and cases involving domestic violence.

10. Juan Luciano – Law Offices of Juan Luciano

Juan Luciano understands that a divorce can be a very vulnerable and painful time, regardless of how amicable both parties are. By offering an objective opinion and guidance through negotiation, mediation, and litigation, he aims to help his clients navigate the difficult time and look toward the future. Experienced in a wide variety of divorce types, including contested and uncontested, same-sex, and dissolution by publication, he offers counsel across a wide spectrum of family and divorce matters, including child custody and support, and prenuptial and separation agreements.

9. Jeffrey B. Peltz – Jeffrey B. Peltz, P.C.

Since establishing the law firm Jeffrey B. Peltz, P.C in 1986, Jeffrey B. Peltz has successfully handled thousands of divorce cases. He is experienced in handling a variety of different divorce types, including contested, uncontested, and dissolution by publication. He offers focused, experienced support in all aspects relating to divorce, offering guidance on matters such as spousal support, child custody, and distribution of assets.

8. Elliot Green – Elliot Green Law Offices

Brooklyn native Elliot Green is a respected child custody and support attorney with extensive experience in handling all elements of divorce. As the founding partner of Elliot Green Law Offices, he offers representation to clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the surrounding parts of New York in family and divorce law processes, including contested, uncontested, and high-net-worth divorce cases. He also offers guidance in property division, alimony, child custody, child visitation, and child support, along with specialty divorces involving international child custody and religious belief protection. Although he always attempts to settle matters through negotiation and amicable means, he’s not afraid to take a case to trial if it’s in the best interests of his client.

7. Lois Margaret Brenner – Lois Margaret Brenner Law

A highly skilled divorce attorney with over 40 years of experience, Lois Margaret Brenner offers personable, thorough representation to clients in New York City in all aspects of divorce and family law, including divorce, spousal support and maintenance, child support, child custody and visitation, equitable distribution of marital property, marital agreements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, enforcement and modification proceedings, same-sex marriage and divorce, contempt of court proceedings, domestic violence, and interstate and international child abduction. As an accredited mediator and a licensed psychologically trained medical professional, she utilizes her combination of legal and medical skills to assess the psychological dynamics of a marriage and guide her clients in deciding whether litigation, mediation, or negotiation is the best course of action. In recognition of her high standing, she’s received a perfect “10” rating for “peer recognition & client satisfaction,” from the online legal marketplace, AVVO.

6. Ingrid Gherman – Ingrid Gherman, P.C.

Ingrid Gherman of New York family law firm Ingrid Gherman, P.C. has spent over 35 years concentrating exclusively on matrimonial law, with a focus on divorce and child custody. She has developed extensive knowledge in all matters relating to divorce and family law, including child support, spousal support and maintenance, distribution of marital property and assets, child custody and visitation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and enforcement and modification proceedings. She also has robust experience in dealing with cases involving domestic violence, interstate and international child abduction, and contempt of court proceedings. Her expertise and rigorous ethical standards have earned her an outstanding reputation as a negotiator and litigator, as evidenced by her perfect ‘10.0’ peer review rating through Justia.

5. Kenneth Eiges – Eiges & Orgel PLLC Law Offices

Kenneth Eiges, a partner at the New York City law firm of Eiges & Orgel PLLC Law Offices, has been a practicing divorce lawyer for over 40 years. Since starting his practice, he’s handled over 3000 divorce cases, building up extensive understanding and expertise in matrimonial matters. Regardless of whether you need guidance on child custody, spousal support, or the division of conjugal assets, his experience in all matters relating to divorce and family law will ensure you receive the best possible support.

4. Chaim Steinberger – Chaim Steinberger, P.C.

Chaim Steinberger is the principal attorney and owner of Chaim Steinberger, P.C., a well-respected law firm that offers legal representation to clients across New York City in a wide variety of divorce types, including contested and uncontested divorce, international divorce, Jewish divorce, and military divorce, along with family law matters such as prenuptial agreements, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support.

3. Darren D. Bleier – Bryant & Bleier, LLP

Darren D. Bleier is a partner at Bryant & Bleier, LLP, a New York City-based family law firm that offers expert legal services and counsel on the financial and child-related aspects of divorce. Primary focus areas include uncontested divorces, same-sex divorces, and high-asset divorces, along with pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Bleier has extensive experience in handling a wide variety of cases, including those involving child support, child abuse, domestic violence, and custody trials. An award-winning lawyer who was among the first attorneys to be certified in mediation under Part 146 of the New York State Unified Court System, his numerous distinctions include being named to the ASLA’s Top 40 Under 40 Family Lawyers list and the AIFLA’s 10 Best Attorneys list.

2. Nancy Green – Green Kaminer Min & Rockmore LLP

Since co-founding the highly respected New York City law firm of Green Kaminer Min & Rockmore LLP in 2007, Nancy Green has focused primarily on divorce and other family-related matters. She has developed extensive knowledge and robust experience in matters such as high-asset divorce, property division, spousal support, child support, child custody, and international family law. In addition to being approved to practice law in all of New York’s state courts, she has also been granted approval to practice in the courtrooms of both the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. Green has received numerous distinctions during her 30-year career, including an “Excellent” rating from Avvo and the ranking of “Super Lawyer” for 8 consecutive years through Thomson Reuters.

1. Steven J. Mandel – The Mandel Law Firm

Since establishing The Mandel Law Firm in 1980, Steven J. Mandel has earned a reputation as one of New York’s most respected divorce lawyers. In addition to receiving the perfect “10” rating from AVVO for “peer recognition & client satisfaction,” he’s also been awarded the prestigious “AV Preeminent” rating through Martindale-Hubbell and has been recognized by numerous publications, including the American Society of Legal Advocates’ Top 100 Lawyer in the United States and Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers. He offers representation in various divorce types, including collaborative law, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, military divorce, property division, same-sex divorce, and spousal support & alimony.

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